Sunday, June 6, 2010 Inspiration From The Garden

One look at my garden and I knew it was time to start reaping the benefits of having started seeds indoors in April.

This Thursday will be Salad Night!

The menu isn't set in stone, but plan on seeing some beautiful red leaf lettuce, some cilantro in salsa, some mint in fruit salad and some pineapple-herb ice cream on top.

The Headbanging Hostess takes great joy in her garden. Six or seven summers of container gardening on the west side of the building have taught me what works and what won't. Veggies are hard to get right. Cucumbers and squash end up with powdery mildew, corn doesn't get enough sun, potatoes...forget about the potatoes. I don't know why I couldn't get them to grow.

Herbs seem to thrive in my garden, in the nitrogen rich bunny poo that makes up the majority of my soil. And this years focus, the ice cream garden, is already in full swing. And it's only June! I think I could get 5 months of herbal frozen happiness out of this thing!

Bang on, my peeps!!!



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