Thursday, June 3, 2010 Headbanging for Human Decency

Yesterday, while signing up for college classes, my path crossed the path of one cross young woman.

I hesitate to call her a young lady, which is why I didn’t. She was rude, attitudinal, belligerent, crass, crude, unrefined, classless and guilty of conduct unbecoming a Headbanging Hostess.

As I stood at the Records Office counter I listened, cringing, as she barked her demands to the poor woman on the other side of the counter. The woman was more than twice her age. Apparently no one teaches respect for your elders anymore. This girl apparently was raised to believe we are all here to serve her and meet her demands exactly as she sees fit.

There’s a word for her. But I won’t use it. I won’t even say the first letter.

But she was.

And I can’t be blamed for pointing it out. I didn’t make her that way. She was very comfortable in the role – making everyone else within earshot uncomfortable.

Good for you, Girlfriend. I hope it all works out for you.


How’s about signing up for Manners 101?

This was one of those times when I wanted to say something. To do something - stand up for human decency. But I didn’t.

The chick wasn’t rational. If I had said something I might be waking up with a black-eye. Or in jail. Or in a hospital.

So I kept my mouth shut.

Is this the best course of action for The Headbanging Hostess in a situation such as this? Do I need to take some Karate classes along with my Culinary Training?

What do you think?



Maneki Neko said...

We are going to hell in a hand basket but I will be damned if my kid is ever the subject of a blog such as this one (which is headbanging!) for being a fucking bitch or a dick.

It's getting worse by the day my friend... take for example my visit to the supermarket yesterday. The cashier was bright red by the time I had pulled out the all might debit card due to the "bag boy" who clearly just stepped off the Jersey Shore (sorry... but have you seen that mess? just saying cause it's giving Jersey a worse wrap than it already had) and was telling her how real he keeps it. That she needed to either get some plastic surgery done OR get the new Victoria Secret push up bra cause "your tits are like pancakes". To this I turned to him and asked "how old are you?" Realizing that I had not missed the comment and acting ballsy in defense "I'm 22 and no, I'm not rude. She is never going to get a date looking like that. I'm doing her a favor. I know what men want."

I gave him a slow head to toe and back look to which I added "will you help me with my bags?" Clearly pleased with himself he agreed and off to the car we went. Upon reaching my vehicle he looked to me with a nervous/anxious smile. I guessed he was waiting for me to show him where my bags went. Quick instructions on bag placement had him palm extended for a tip... Dollar bill and a business card in hand and I added "Here's another tip for you... that's the number to a good friend who can take care of a man such as you". Broad smile and beaming he smiled at me and looked at the card.

Harold M. Reed, M.D., F.I.C.S.
SRS Surgeon Miami Beach, FL
(Performs Orchiectomies for pre-op transsexual)
***God knows why I come across such things in my life (such as a castration doctors business card) but I knew it wasn't something I wanted to pass up on keeping handy... for just such an occasion.***

He looked confused at first and a moment after I began to pull away... stunned and clearly getting the point (I wondered if he could read for a moment) he cursed something at me and gave me the universal sign for "BURNNNNN". I am sure it didn't teach him a thing about manners but it gave me IMMENSE pleasure in making him wary of talking shit to woman and making him question himself... Should ever a pretty girl actually talk to him, will she do so without thinking he's a transsexual?

Headbanging Hostess said...

OMG! I Love It!

Wow. I'm impressed. I shall do my best to take a page from your book!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Marty Shadow said...

WOW... i dont know which story was more entertaining. ;-)


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