Wednesday, June 9, 2010 Farmers Market Day!

Since it's salad week I really don't have a lot of cooking to do. Yesterday, when I went to Stew Leonard's to replace my dying flowers, I picked up some berries for the fruit salad. Since it's only the start of June the only berry I can be sure to see at the Farmers Market is a strawberry. So the plan is to get strawberries at the market, watermelon at the supermarket and mix them all together with some apple mint, orange juice, lemon juice and a dollop of the strawberry jam I got over the weekend.

Today I also plan on making the custard mix for the Pineapple-Herb Ice Cream. I won't freeze it until tomorrow so it'll be more like soft-serve. Lately the ice cream I've been making freezes so hard I have to take it out when dinner is served so I can scoop it for dessert. So my guests will have to deal with the noisy ice cream maker for a bit, but they'll get over it once they taste their dessert.

Tomorrow will be the busy day. Preparing the Bacon Lettuce Wraps, the Mexican Steak Salad - my husband will do the steak part and I'll do the salad spinning part. I'll make the guacamole, the corn bread. I'll even make a salad for my rabbit.

Bang on, my peeps!



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