Monday, June 14, 2010 Sage Ice Cream with Cacao Nibs

My neighbor likes to leave things at my door for me. Second hand clothing, food, cleaned empty bowls that once contained the dinner I left for her - we go both ways like that. Not like THAT.

The Cacao Nibs she left for me found their way into the sweet section of my cabinetry and was quickly forgotten, until today.

The Sage Ice Cream I made came up a little short in the flavor department for me. I didn't add enough herbs. It was creamy and sweet, no doubt, but for me it lacked a distinct flavor. So I turned to the bag of nibs for a solution. I crunched one and it bit back with a coffee like coco kick. I added a palm full to the ice cream and voila.

The Cacao accents what little herb taste is there, working in harmony to balance the sweet cream with the bitter crunch. Not a bad try. I'll finish it for sure, and next time add a few more herbs.

Bang on, my peeps!



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