Wednesday, June 30, 2010 My First Official Failure

In the interest of "keeping it real" I have to confess that this morning I had a disaster in my kitchen. Some pseudo-celebrity chef I am, huh? A little melted ice cream and I'm a sniveling snot-rag bashing garbage cans with cookie sheets and mother fucking my freezer and everything else that got in my way.

Nine hours later I can laugh about it. Somewhat. I'm now a day behind in my cooking and I'm missing out on a steam train murder mystery, but here I am to tell the tale.

As you can see in the picture the ice cream sandwiches were just darling. Perfectly sized, crunchy peanut-buttery cookieness bookending perfectly pink strawberry-banana ice cream.

Shortly after this guy was made the madness began.

As I assembled them and placed then in the freezer something awful started to happen - the top cookies were sliding off! I desperately tried to make the freezer kick in, removing all the ice cube trays to make the temperature drop so the cold air would start to blow.

It couldn't freeze them fast enough and slowly the ice cream was spilling out of the cookies. So then I tried to scrape out the ice cream to at least save the cookies but it all became a big melted mess - me and the ice cream melting down.

I was crying, pissed, I hate making mistakes, I hate to waste the food and I hate to have to do it all over again. I try very hard to pre-plan the making of every dish so as to best utilize my time and the space and the tools I have.

I've done very well...until this morning.

The good news? I lived through it.

A new set of cookies are already made. The ice cream custard will be done by this evening and tomorrow I won't make the same mistake again.

Learn something every day. Sometimes it stings a little - but you sure won't forget it!

Bang on, my peeps!



tacomamama said...

Good for you for trying again. Some of us would just say "fuck it" and have a glass of wine....hypothetically, I mean. Not talking about anyone in particular.

Unknown said...

We look forward to sampling the goods tonight!

Marty Shadow said...

what was the mistake? were the cookies too warm still?? freezer not cold enuff?

look like tasty treats. ;-)

Headbanging Hostess said...

The ice cream was too soft and the freezer wasn't freezing :)

Lesson learned. I made them perfectly the next day.

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