Sunday, November 28, 2010 Kick-Ass BBQ @ Bobby Q's

Yesterday we went to see the not-quite-headbanging band Where's Jimmy at Bobby Q's in Westport, CT. I am happy to report that real good BBQ does in fact exist in Connecticut.

The last time I ventured out of the house for BBQ it was a disappointment. And I'm sorry to say I had to give it a bad review. I'm even more sorry to say that review has come up in a Google search or two. Ah, the power of the internet.

But Bobby Q's was awesome, awesome, awesome. The faboo meal you see in the picture is something brilliantly called "Burnt Ends." The highly sought after burnt ends of the beef or pork (I got pork, yo) smothered in their in house sauce which is delicious! Not a hint of disappointment to be found.

My husband ordered a full rack and it was basically the entire side of a cow. HUGE! He didn't come close to finishing it (neither did I) and we were happy the Connecticut weather made it possible to use our car as a fridge as we stayed late into the night to watch the band.

I love listening to Linny sing. It always makes me want to start a band! Who's in?

Bang on, my peeps!



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Oh that looks good!

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