Monday, November 1, 2010 Living Without a Fridge

It's been over a week now that my refrigerator has been on life support. It's plugged in but it's not capable of making ice,I don't even trust it to keep our food at a safe temperature. We've shoved a few bags of ice in to keep it cold. I keep my milk for my morning tea in the freezer and the rest of the time we have to eat out.

I live in a good neighborhood for this. Within walking distance I have a deli/pizzeria, a burger joint, another pizzeria and a bar/restaurant. I'm not going to starve. I can get Chinese delivered and, of course, more pizza.

I haven't been able to cook! Why cook if you have nowhere to put the left overs? And there's always left overs. That's part of what led me into this. It's easier to cook for a bunch of people than for two people. Forced into this brief hiatus I'm working on long term goals for The Headbanging Hostess as well as securing new music!

I reached out half-way across the country to Revolution Pariah and am pleased as fucking punch that they agreed to let me use one of their songs. Check them out!

Fueled by their positive response I'll be reaching out to more bands across the country. Why not?

Bang on, my peeps!! I'll be cooking up a storm again before you know it!



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