Wednesday, June 2, 2010 Sauce Making is Rule Breaking

Last night, after the sun went down, I found myself perched over the stove roasting peppers and making sauce.

In my house this is heresy.

You see, my husband is Italian. That means he makes the sauce. He makes great sauce, legendary sauce. My neighbor has been known to drink it from a wine glass. She’s also Italian.

I’m half English and half Hungarian. That does not qualify me to make sauce.

But I did it anyway.

Like I said. Heresy.

Never before have I roasted a pepper, but there I was - peeling off the blackened skins, pureeing them in the food processor with canned organic tomatoes. Sweating down onions and garlic with oregano from last year’s garden.

You know it, baby! The Headbanging Hostess freezes the goods from her garden. Throw it in a blender with some olive oil, put that shit in an ice cube tray – BANG! Done. I’m set for the winter. I’ve even started making my own vegetable stock. Those are the green ice cubes you see in the videos. Freeze the vegetable odds and ends instead of throwing them out – carrots, onions, ZUCCHINI! Throw them in a pot with some celery, potato, herbs and boil that shit until the cows come home. Strain it, ice cube tray it, freeze it, put cubes in freezer bag, put cubes in cooking! You know it!

Back to my sauce.

I thought it was great. My husband has yet to try it.

I’ll win him over. It came out good. With a long, pronounced g”uuuuuuuuuuh”d.

Today I spent my allowance on zucchini at the Farmers Market. This afternoon I made sorbet. This evening I assemble the Pasta-Free Lasagna. Tomorrow? I do everything else.

Until then.

Bang on, my peeps!



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