Wednesday, August 18, 2010 Color Your World at the Farmers Market!

The Farmers Market is in full swing. Every color of the rainbow (or the Gay Pride Flag) is represented.

It's a good year for tomatoes, which is a great thing. The last few years provided slim pickings on the heirloom tomato front. Although I was glad to have a break from people asking "Is this tomato ripe?" when they picked up a green heirloom. (Imagine how sick the farmers must be of that question!). This year boxes and boxes of tomatoes in every shade and stripe are in abundance.

Peppers are also available in more colors than you think. I saw black ones last week! Red, green, yellow, purple, rainbow, hot, sweet - a plethora of peppers for purchase.

I finally made that Ground Cherry Chocolate ice cream for the guy at the Riverbank Farm Stand. I think I put too much chocolate in it, you couldn't taste the ground cherries so much. But the question was moot (As Jessie Jackson would say) because the guy wasn't there. I gave it to the guys who were there and encouraged them to eat it and tell him how good it was :)

My ice cream adventures so far have been pretty successful. The Corn Ice Cream was really the best. And I have to get back to making herbal ice cream from my garden! I have enough mint to sink a battleship - I'd better put it to good use. I think a Mint Night is in the near future!

Bang on, my peeps!



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