Sunday, August 15, 2010 Why Local Music?

Last night The Headbanging Hostess found herself at a charming dive in Danbury, CT called Cousin Larry's. It was a benefit for the Chowda House - and to be honest I still have no idea what that's about because I didn't see any chowda.


The reason we were there, of course, was to see Arcane Malevolence. We had spent the afternoon with them, out boating with friends. It wasn't as elitist as it sounds, my dear. And then we all enjoyed a feast prepared by our hosts. We ate ourselves into comas and then the band had to go get ready to play. Ha ha :)


They were fucking awesome. Love the music, fantastic stage presence, they really put on a great show. I really didn't believe I'd just eaten dinner with them! And one of the other bands, No Remission, was also fucking incredible. They gave everything to their performance and the audience loved it - they forced an encore! The best part? They're good friends of Arcane Malevolence and I've already extended an invitation to dinner.

So why is this so important to me, getting local bands? What does that have to do with food?

Well, with so much attention being paid to eating locally and organically, why not apply the same logic to music?

I bet you can think of 20 modern day "recording artists" whose sound is the antithesis of organic. Even accomplished singers find it necessary to use auto-tune in order to appeal to the masses. (I'm talking to you Jennifer Nettles, I still love ya though!)

Local music is organic - it hasn't been fucked with by producers and labels and fouled by the pursuit of iTune downloads. It is pure, unadulterated, unhomogenized, raw and Bovine Growth Hormone free.

And just as it is important to support local farmers and restaurants it is important to support local bands and the venues that give them a place to play. A place for us all to get together and celebrate the joy of music. And I'm sorry if that sounds corny but fuck you. Coming together for a meal, coming together for a show, the important part is that we're coming together because so much in this world is constantly tearing us apart.

No man is an island. Not even Trent Reznor.

So The Headbanging Hostess pledges to support local music as much as she supports local farmers. Will you?

Bang on, my peeps!



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