Thursday, August 5, 2010 Send Letters and Music!

The Headbanging Hostess is always looking for new recipes and new music! Jane e-mailed me her Mexican Wrap recipe and I turned it into a video! And Arcane Malevolence was awesome enough to let me cook for them and use their song in a video!

You can be as cool as them!

Send your letters with recipes, show ideas, questions and cash to

And local bands SEND ME YOUR MUSIC! I don't care if you're a local Connecticut band or a local Alaska band. If your music fucking rocks I wanna hear it! I'll plug you, put a link on my blog and tell the world just how fucking cool I think you are!

Bang on, my peeps!



~ Lisa Rae ~ said...

Great idea! \m/

~ Lisa Rae ~ said...

Liked it so much...I gave it 2 cool's!

Headbanging Hostess said...


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