Sunday, August 1, 2010 Who Are These People?

When I go on my daily walk to the beach, no matter what time of day, there always seems to be someone camped out on the sidewalk.

Do they not understand the meaning of the word sidewalk?

And I'm not talking about people standing around talking. I'm talking about "put out my beach chair so I can read a book or sun myself" jerks. And I'm talking about people who actually pull a picnic table off the grass and onto the sidewalk. What for? Who the fuck knows. Why they want to be farther away from their daughters softball game is anyone's guess. But are they that oblivious to the existence of others that they completely disregard the actual purpose of the sidewalk and not notice walkers such as myself being forced to walk around them, muttering under our breath and shaking our heads in disgust?

Either they don't see it or they don't care.

Who are these people? Who raises them? And why can't we give them the death penalty?



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