Tuesday, December 14, 2010 Ahhh AHHH!

Guess who got an A on her Baking final :)

I ran about like the crazy woman that I am for almost three hours, mixing, baking, measuring, bacon wrapping. Yeah, baby! My four-course muffin meal went over like hotcakes. And even though my vanilla muffin cones were a complete disaster I proudly earned my A grade.

My teacher gave me some great pointers regarding the plating and presentation - if ever I am to work as a pastry chef at some place other than my house. The chocolate olive oil bread he suggested I serve toasted with a scoop of rosemary ice cream. Can you say yum?

And what arrived in the mail the other day but a book of muffin recipes. Maybe there's a muffin night in the future. Hmmm....



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