Wednesday, December 22, 2010 Wrapping It Up For The Holiday

Today is my last day in Connecticut before our holiday trip to the Poconos. I have loads of laundry to put away, dishes to do, bags to pack, garbage to take out...but here I sit, blogging.

Last night, in honor of the winter solstice, we had a really tasty meal of roasted vegetables with (drum roll please) goose stock sauce. Oh yeah, baby! And I've got more of it in the freezer still. This is exactly why you should make stock. I transformed a lowly potato, sweet potato and some pre-chopped turnips into a celebratory feast. I tossed them all in some goose fat, sprinkled them with salt and pepper and roasted them in the oven until they started to brown. One cup of goose stock in a saucepan seasoned with ancho chili powder, smoked paprika and allspice and BANG! A really tasty meal.

I also checked out Linda and Los's pad for the Faux New Year's celebration. Plans are going ahead to relocate there for our "baked potato/best of" feast! I'm looking forward to the opportunity to cook in someone else's kitchen - and make a mess, as usual. They have a nice space with plenty of room to sit, stand and play video games.
Food comas are in order, because Arcane Malevolence usually has to go play a show. But this time we're free to eat ourselves into oblivion. And we will.

Baked potatoes topped with ropa vieja, chili, bacon and cheese...I'm even thinking of peas in beurre blanc for Baldwin. Because he never ate a pea until I put them in my Chicken Pot Pumpkin Pie.

I'll let the guests bring desserts and drinks. I'll supply a few munchies like chocolate covered bacon and jerky, but we need to save room for the potatoes. They're gonna be outstanding! I can't wait.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday - no matter what your religion or lack thereof.

Bang on, my peeps!



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