Monday, December 13, 2010 Handmade Homemade Cards

Today's Dear Abby tells the story of a woman who has been making Christmas cards for 5 years with her niece. A beautiful thing IMO. I'm all for making shit. But this poor lady has such shit friends someone sends her A CHECK IN THE MAIL to pay for "real" cards next Christmas.

Cross her off the list, thank you.

THEN, she asks around her other friends, asking if the cards were cheap - AND THEY SAY YES!

Are you serious?


This is wrong on so many levels. First of all, have you ever made anything in your life? Do you know what things cost? A trip to the craft store to make Christmas cards probably costs 4 times what it would cost to just buy cards. And what is wrong with you? Who raised you? Have you no appreciation of someones efforts? For you!And who says these things? Really? Why even judge a card? Can't you just be happy you got one?

OMG. I gotta calm down.

Abby gave good advice, I thought. But it gives me a bleak picture of the people out there.

This is also why I stay home.

Bang on, my peeps. MAKE SHIT!



Anonymous said...

I agree, in this age of "almost everything is a piece of Chinese shit" hand made or home made anything is very cool. Anyone that doesn't like this is a person with no understanding that this country was built and made great during the industrial revolution. The was back when the US actually made things instead of buying everything overseas and then wondering why the economy is so screwed up. If someone takes the time to make you something, treasure it, don't trash it.

Headbanging Hostess said...

Hear, hear!!!

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