Sunday, December 5, 2010 This Thursday Is Stock Night!

Last nights roast chicken carcass is at the bottom of this pot, topped with red peppers, carrots, onion, celery, green cherry tomatoes from the garden and some herbs. I'll let it simmer for about 6 hours, strain it and stick it in the fridge for some super flavor on Thursday.

It's Stock Night!

My post-Thanksgiving stock making yielded me almost two quarts of goose stock, which I will put in the crock pot with a nice piece of skirt steak and some mushrooms and onions for a stewey mess of deliciousness. My neighbor brought me a lifetime supply of carrots, so I'm thinking of maybe topping it with carrot chips, fried in goose fat, of course.

This chicken stock will find itself absorbed into some quinoa for a nice salad course. My neighbor also brought me a lifetime supply of broccoli - quinoa, broccoli and something else salad? Maybe. We'll see how long the broccoli lasts.

And for dessert? Some cupcakes or something - because I have tons of cake mix in stock.

Ba dum bum.

Why am I this crazy stocker? (ZING!) Because I don't really like to waste things. And these poor birds died for my dinner, the least I can do is utilize every bit of flavor available to me. And it's super easy! Throw it in a stockpot, throw in some veggies and herbs and BANG! Six hours later you have stock.

Anytime you're cutting veggies throw the ends into the freezer. That way, when you've got your carcass, the chopping is already done!

How easy is that?

Stock can be frozen in tupperware containers, ziplock bags, even ice cube trays (great for adding little bits of flavor to anything!) Try it!!!



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