Friday, December 10, 2010 Manners And Automatic Doors

Unfortunately it is time for another blog entry regarding manners, or the lack thereof.

People! The handicapped symbol on the big button that says "push to open" is an indicator. It indicates that the button is to be used by the handicapped to open the door. Not perfectly able bodied lazy assholes!


Standing in the lobby at school, waiting for my ride on a cold windy day, I can't even count the number of young, healthy students who pushed the button to enter the building, leaving those of us in the lobby wind-whipped and freezing. I mean, really. If you want to be that lazy, do it in the summer. Do you not notice there are other people in the world? Are you completely unaware of the consequences of your actions?

I guess so.

These people are in college?

It reminds me of my younger days, taking the train to and from work. Waiting in the train station for my ride there would always be people standing by the automatic door, opening it with their very presence, and completely unaware. We're waiting inside for a reason, asshole. Because it's fucking cold outside!

I really thought they were too dumb to notice, but maybe they just didn't give a fuck. Regardless, they were not the type of people you would confront. Because if they were that dumb and didn't give a fuck they wouldn't be open to a polite suggestion regarding sensors and automatic doors.

So what's the solution? Stay home? Public shaming? Death penalty?

I like that one...



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