Monday, December 27, 2010 Preparing For Faux New Year's

Barding - using a layer of bacon to add tenderness and moisture to lean pieces of meat while roasting.

I can tell you that because I'm an "A" student! Headbanging Hostess 4.0!

So this is a piece of venison that my friend Evan gave me. By Thursday it will be part of a chili and on top of a potato. I'll add beans, barley, tomato sauce and spices, chop the meat up really good (bacon included) and let it come together with harmony.

I'm also making the much talked about Ropa Vieja from Fashion Night! Still a stand out dish for all of our taste buds. On top of a baked potato it's gonna sing!

Dave had a vision of a sweet potato dessert while we were on vacation. So I'm gonna make a vat of mashed sweet potatoes, cover it with marshmallows and candied bacon and bake it in the oven. How does that sound? Like music to your ears?

Alright, enough with the cutesy writing technique. I'm gonna make us some pizza!



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