Saturday, December 11, 2010 Fairway Rocks Stamford

We made our first trip to Fairway this afternoon and I am happy to report we loved it. We almost wished we'd gone first thing in the morning, so we could make a day of it like a trip to Six Flags.

We, of course, wandered in through the exit so we couldn't find a cart. We found a basket and slowly winded our way through the aisles. Produce, grains, cheese, meat, olive oil, bakery, traditional groceries, imports - we were overwhelmed with tasty endeavours.

The cheese was a stand out to me (who started the day eating brie on crackers). They had cheese up the ying-yang, an entire nook of refrigerated cheeses across from an already well stocked cheese counter. But what caught my eye was the apricot almond cake. It looked like a solid block of dried apricot with some whole almonds thrown in for good measure. They say it pairs well with any cheese. Well that's good to hear because I plan on eating an entire slice of that cake with every kind of cheese I can stomach until I have overdosed on that most Hungarian of fruit flavors - the dried apricot.

With almonds.

Tomorrow my husband's making some sauce. Stay tuned.



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